About us

Datahouse Global LLC is Georgian based Telecommunication Company, which has worldwide hosting facilities for telecommunication companies.

  • We are delivering services in more than 100 countries of all over the world.
  • The data gathered by the company allows our partners to get reliable service and improve their customer experience.
  • We make able telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and quality on their global telecoms network.
  • Our company delivers available and understandable products and services.


We provide a variety of services to fulfill your specific needs and make accessible the whole world for you.

Testing probe hosting

Do your "End to End", "QoS & QoE", POLQA, "CLI & SMS verification", Roaming Testing. We are taking care of your probes.

IoT hosting

"Real Device Testing" and obtaining data from everywhere is not a dream. Just contact us for realizing your project.

SIM Cards and Trunks

Do not hesitate to ask us local SIM cards, PRI/ISDN Lines, POTS/PSTN, SIP trunks for your testing projects.

GSM/5G Proxy hosting

Are you providing service to Social Media Managers or Developers? Build your real local proxy solution with us.

Satellite Dish hosting

IPTV or data retransmitting is very easy from all points of the World with our noiseless "dish" co-location facilities.

Data collection & research

Our highly qualified specialists are ready to collect country based statistical data and organize research.

Why choose us?

We are helping our clients to reach their goals by delivering high-quality, consistent and reliable service. We adopt a progressive approach in every direction, which makes us flexible and detail-oriented.

We help you manage risks and build confidence regarding data protection. The satisfaction and happiness of our clients are what speak our effort.

Besides that, below are some points why it is beneficial to cooperate with us:

Green power

We have solar panels in some countries, which keeps the environment clean, reducing carbon emission and makes us able to deliver uninterrupted service.

Telecommunication experience

This is what makes us unique. Our professional engineers’ valuable background and leadership experience lead us to identify client’s needs efficiently. Besides, we can operate in and cover all countries in the world.

Realtime monitoring

We are providing monitoring and QoS reporting for 24 Hours 7 Days a week. It enables us to respond to the problems immediately and in a right way.

Multilingual support

In accordance, that fact, that we are providing service in all countries, the service requests can come from any point in the world. Our multilingual team can provide timekeeping services without a language barrier.

Shipping and customs operations

Our sale team will find the perfect solution regarding national custom clearance requirements of the relevant countries. Accordingly, you will save time, money and inefficiencies.




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We are proudly cooperating with world-leading companies.

IPT Networks Limited
3GProxy d.o.o
Kapptivate SAS
Nextocell is a service provided by VOIP SUPPORT ACTIVITY


We can connect you simply to any country of the world.